Extended Metaphor in Scooby Doo?

So I regularly look at other Scooby Doo fansites and I’ve been seeing a lot that Scooby Doo hold a secret message. Since all the “monsters” turn out to be people, Scooby Doo must be trying to prove that monsters don’t exist, but merely that people are the monsters.

So I started racking my brain for episodes where the monster wasn’t actually a person at all.

My first thought was It’s Mean, It’s Green, It’s the Mystery Machine, from What’s New Scooby Doo. The overall synopsis of the episode is that Mystery Inc’s van, the Mystery Machine, is haunted by a ghost, Flash Flannigan, the pianist of the band that owned the van before them. But the more I thought about it, I realized that the actual ending was that the van was being remote controlled.

My next thought was the episode The Vampire Strikes Back, from What’s New Scooby Doo, where the gang investigates a castle that the Hex Girls are filming at. The episode leads you on to thinking that the castle is haunted by an actual vampire. They capture the “vampire” within the first few minutes of the episode, but are still haunted. The audience is lead to believe that the vampire is an actual vampire. However, the end of the episode reveals that it was actually the original vampire’s brother the entire time. So, The Vampire Strikes Back, does, in fact, fit into the metaphor.

My last hope for non-human monsters in Scooby Doo was the episode E-Scream, from What’s New Scooby DooE-Scream is one of my personal favorite episodes. The episode starts with the gang at a technology convention. Velma tries out the virtual reality machine, but is interrupted by the Osomons, or little blue balls of fur whose catchphrase is: “It’s fun time! It’s fun time!” The gang goes through the episode narrowly avoiding the Osomons at each term. Just when you think that this is the gang’s last episode, Velma wakes up, and we realize that she was in the virtual reality machine the entire time.

E-Scream was the closest I could find to a non-human monster. However, the monster is human created, and technically not real, and just exists in the virtual reality machine. So for now, I guess the metaphor in Scooby Doo is still true.

Comment any episodes you know that have non-human monsters!

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